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Arlie likes Winning!

  • by Rob King
  • 3 Days ago
It may be obvious, but poker players like winning. Arlie Shaban is a poker player, so logic dictates Arlie likes to win! In today’s clip, Arlie is playing Power up, and has got the table down to just one other player. Arlie has a big chip lead going into the hand. Arlie’s opponent raises to […]

Poker Trumps Powers?

  • by Rob King
  • 4 Days ago
With the added powers in Power Up, sometimes it’s easy to forget that the decider to who wins the hand is based on poker. As you can see in the video above from Arlie Shaban’s stream, sometimes you don’t need to use any powers to win a hand. In this example, Arlie’s opponents use a […]

That moment when you “Get It!”

  • by Rob King
  • 5 Days ago
Today we’re going to have a look at a moment from Arlie’s stream, when he had a big “Aha Moment.” If you watch the video above, Arlie Shaban, our Brand Ambassador has a moment where the way the game clicks in his mind. He’s shown a combination when his opponent uses it against him, and […]

Arlie’s First Impressions

  • by Rob King
  • 12 Days ago
Now our new Brand Ambassador, Arlie Shaban, has had time to get to grips with Power Up, I sat down and asked him for his first impressions of the game. In the video above, you can watch the full interview, but we started off talking about how much we’ve both been enjoying the game, and […]

Arlie Streams Power Up for the 1st time

  • by Rob King
  • 18 Days ago
This weeks saw a big moment for, our Brand Ambassador Arlie Shaban played some Power Up on stream for the first time. Rather than going away and getting to grips with the game away from the public eye, Arlie has come to the game with limited exposure to Power Up. He spent his first […]

Arlie Shaban Joins

  • by Rob King
  • 28 Days ago
Today, we are very happy to announce that the new Brand Ambassador for is Professional Poker Player and twitch Streamer, Arlie Shaban. Arlie is a former Canadian Big Brother housemate, and has dedicated himself to improving his poker game since he went full time 8 months ago. In the video above, Arlie gives an […]