Free Taster for Power Up!

Want to introduce someone to Power Up for Free, or ever fancied trying Power Up but didn’t want to part with the cash? Good News, PokerStars are offering new UK signups to the site a chance to play Power Up for free, and you get to keep your winnings!

Those who play Hearthstone, Gwent and other online Collectable Card Games (CCGs) are used to being able to try a new game for free before parting with their hard-earned cash. Now these players have the chance to do the same for Power Up.

As part of this new Promotion, PokerStars are giving away 5 free tickets to the $0.25 Power Up games to those who sign up for the site, FOR FREE! This is only open to those in the UK, but if you’re in “Ol’ Blighty” you can sign up for a brand new PokerStars account, and get these free tickets added to the usual sign up bonus package. The good thing about these Power Up tickets is, you don’t need to deposit a cent to get them.

If you are a fan of power up, and you have friends, family or acquaintances who are Hearthstone fans, now is the perfect time to introduce them to the game. Not only are they likely to enjoy the new experience for free, it also helps expand the player pool. More games mean we get to play more. Sounds like everyone wins!

On a personal note, I like this promotion from PokerStars. It’s one that I’ll be sending to a few of my Hearthstone playing friends with the hope they’ll enjoy Power Up as much as I have. Peeking behind the curtain, this seems to be a direct attempt to appeal to players who have never played online poker before. If this can be put in front of the massive Hearthstone player-base, I think it could be a great way to introduce those players to the game of Power Up.

What do you think of this? Is this offer from PokerStars going to bring new players to the game? Let us know in the comments below, or in our Discord Channel.

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