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Winning = No Pizza?

  • by Rob King
  • 11 Days ago
Today’s hand from Arlie Shaban’s stream is all about winning. And Pizza. Yes, I’m serious. Arlie recounts an amusing anecdote from his life away from the Twitch site, while showing the way to win at Power Up. The hand starts with Arlie off screen, but still at the controls. It’s the first hand of the […]

Power Up Ain’t Easy

  • by Rob King
  • 12 Days ago
Today’s hand from the stream of Mr Shaban shows how easy it can be to misread the extra information Power Up can provide, and it’s a fun hand to watch besides that. In this $15 Power Up game, Arlie has a big chip lead heads up, and for this hand is on the button. He […]

How to get out of a Sticky Situation

  • by Rob King
  • 17 Days ago
In power up, just as in poker, you can make mistakes but still recover from a sticky situation. Today’s example is again from Arlie Shaban’s stream, and again contains more learning moments for our favourite Big Brother Alum. Arlie is on the Big blind, and last to act pre-flop. His situation is he is holding […]

Mistakes in Power Up

  • by Rob King
  • 19 Days ago
Mistakes are normal. After all, didn’t Alexander Pope write, “To Err is human?” Last time I checked, none of us are robots, and we all make mistakes. If we can learn from our mistakes, we can improve, not only as players of a game, but as human beings, but that’s enough of the philosophy. After […]

Aggression, Good or Bad?

  • by Rob King
  • 21 Days ago
Today’s hand from Arlie Shaban’s Power Up streams is all about aggression and the lack of it. Passive play has been looked down on in No Limit Hold’em for years, and for good reason. In most situations, it significantly reduces your chances of winning. With Power Up being a new format, it’s understandable that some […]

Setting up a Bluff

  • by Rob King
  • 24 Days ago
Power Up has brought many things from Poker, not least of which is the ability to bluff. In today’s hand from Arlie Shaban’s stream, we have a look at a situation where he plays to obscure his hand, and second guesses his opponent. The hand starts unusually, with both players on exactly the same amount […]

Having the Energy to Win

  • by Rob King
  • 26 Days ago
Energy, it’s more than the thing that keeps your lights on, it also lets you play powers in Power Up. One of the resources in Power Up is our energy pool, which ranges from empty to a full 15 points, and it is more difficult to manage this resource than it might first appear. In […]

Arlie likes Winning!

  • by Rob King
  • 30 Days ago
It may be obvious, but poker players like winning. Arlie Shaban is a poker player, so logic dictates Arlie likes to win! In today’s clip, Arlie is playing Power up, and has got the table down to just one other player. Arlie has a big chip lead going into the hand. Arlie’s opponent raises to […]

Poker Trumps Powers?

  • by Rob King
  • 1 Month ago
With the added powers in Power Up, sometimes it’s easy to forget that the decider to who wins the hand is based on poker. As you can see in the video above from Arlie Shaban’s stream, sometimes you don’t need to use any powers to win a hand. In this example, Arlie’s opponents use a […]

That moment when you “Get It!”

  • by Rob King
  • 1 Month ago
Today we’re going to have a look at a moment from Arlie’s stream, when he had a big “Aha Moment.” If you watch the video above, Arlie Shaban, our Brand Ambassador has a moment where the way the game clicks in his mind. He’s shown a combination when his opponent uses it against him, and […]
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