PowerUp Card Reviews: Intel

“View the deck’s top card for the rest of the hand.”

What it does:

Probably going to be our shortest entry because there’s not much to say here. Use Intel, and if you want the most bang for your mana-buck, use it the second action is on you pre-flop. You’ll always get to see what the next card in the deck will be – and in a game with no burn cards, that’s as close to the holy grail as you’re going to get.

The advantage of Intel is 2-fold. If you’re on the button (meaning you get to act first in PowerUp while 3 handed), you’re going to see what the next card is for yourself. This means if you have Reload and/ or Upgrade in your hand there’s no guess work. You’ll know ahead of time if using these normally RNG tied cards will help you or not. Act accordingly.

If your opponents decide it’s a good idea to use scanner, Reload, Upgrade or Engineer this turn you’ll also have a much better idea of the hands they are trying to create or have connect AND afterwards a better idea if those hands will indeed to that. Its a 33% peek at the flop and 100% knowledge of turns and rivers.

So you’re paying only 3 mana to have a crappy version of ‘superuser’ turned on for a hand. What now? Just play to get maximum value or fold when you see you miss or you’re beat and you feel your opponent won’t be letting go. Its pretty simple and not a very interactive/ dynamic card. Powerful? Of course. Rewarding of strategic play? Not so much.

Is it good?

You pay 3 mana for a card that gives you an advantage on every street and actually gets MORE powerful on the turn and river when it comes to helping you make correct decisions at the table. Yes – its great. Just don’t tell us you’re a poker genius when you win a hand using it. We get it, you Intel, bro.

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