PowerUp Card Reviews: Reload

“Redraw selected hole cards.”

What it does (for you in hands normally):

Oh Reload. You just couldn’t keep the YOLO out of PowerUp could you, PokerStars? Listen, we could go through all the different ways you could use this card, but to be honest other than sniping cards you actually need (i.e. when you use Intel or Scanner before reloading, or someone at the table – yourself included – did something as silly as Engineer yourself right before) you’re just clicking buttons.

In fact outside those ‘added knowledge’ scenarios, this card should just be called Button Click(s). The (s) is because you actually get to click up to 3 random buttons if you want 2 new hole cards. The name should magically change if you’re actually getting new cards based off of viable information. And hopefully you are – but realistically while playing in the PowerUp Alpha, it’s just the last ditch win condition people are in search of.

Gotten frisky with a draw and missed against what is obviously a made hand? Why fold and conserve the remaining 20% of your stack when you can Reload your hole cards, and THEN fold when you miss again! Or better yet, call it off after Reloading your way into 2nd pair and convincing yourself that “the price is now right to call.” Or even better yet – Reload in such a way that you luckbox the effective nuts! Its like poker but without the skill.

It may be a silly PowerUp card, but we won’t dog it completely. It’s a great way to change up your hand when someone has X-rayed half of your hole cards, and it is a viable option when your hand is so low-equity that Reloading it is nearly always positive after the river.

The only issue here is that so much of PowerUp is played all-in pre-flop and on the flop. Rarely are stacks not in the middle on turns, and stacks not in the middle by the river tends to mean someone has misplayed the hand. As such, there’s just not many scenarios where you’re using this card with optimal board information in-hand. You’re either using it in a smart way (read: as part of an intel/ Scanner/ Engineer combo) or you’re using it because you’re flat out of ideas and folding just seems stupid, because POWERUP.

Is it good?

For the reasons above both YES and NO. Yes, if you have a plan and you have a good idea about which cards you’ll get when you Reload. No, in really any other situation because you’re just gambling at that point and we all know that whole “poker isn’t gambling” argument like the back of our hands by now. Not much wiggle room in between. Use it, but not like a bro drunkenly swiping around Tinder hoping to connect with a broad* …. *typo: board.

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