Power Up for Dummies

1. Play your power cards in big pots

This may seem obvious, but it’s easy to get carried away by using Power Cards at times where the pot is small, and/or where you have a strong holding already. If holding a premium hand on the button, seeing future cards is usually quite wasteful as you’ll often be opening the hand anyway, and often chasing away your action by playing a powerful Power Up card early.

The best time to play a power card is when you are facing a 3 or 4 bet with a medium strength holding, and you are looking to gain information from which to make a decision about proceeding in the hand. Another good time will be in a pot which looks like it could be going multi way, or where you opponent has used a power card in front of you and is likely to have an advantage in the hand.

2. Avoid all in confrontations while deep stacked.

Playing big all ins pre flop will negate your ability to use Power Cards to your advantage. Of course, there are occasions where the action will dictate this, but for the most part, you should be looking to see flops, turns and rivers, and looking to use your Power Cards to gather information about your opponents’ holding as the hand plays out. Over the course of the hand, you can potentially discover one of your opponent’s cards, gather information about cards to come out, choosing future cards and also destroy certain board cards – none of which will be possible if the cards get on their back preflop.

3. The button is your friend, more so than ever.

You should be looking to play Power Cards frequently and aggressively from the button. In the game’s current format, all matches are 3 handed, so you will be in this position a third of the time, until the first player busts. It’s crucial to consider which, if any, power cards your opponents have used prior to acting. An ideal time to adopt Power Card play from the button, is when facing a 3 bet from the blinds. Playing a 3-bet pot, in position, with addition information about the cards to come or your opponents holding is a highly favourable combination.

4. Be prepared to be called light & to call light in obvious bluff spots

This one speaks for itself: the game will present a number of opportunities to apply pressure, not least when one of your opponent’s cards has been exposed to reveal minimal or no connection with the board. Naturally you will want to bluff liberally in these spots, but invariably a levelling war will ensue with players reluctant to give an inch. Look to trap your opponents in spots where they have revealed one your hole cards in your favour i.e. a card that suggests lack of connection with the board whilst your other card is paired.

5. Rubbish hands are still rubbish hands

Even with the option to disintegrate flop cards, draw a third hold card and see future cards, many holdings that are junk in regular hold’em, are still junk in Power Up poker. Just send them to the muck and move on to the next hand.

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