The PowerUp Misplay Series: Game 1, Day 1

Introducing the Misplay Series: Coming in as a Noob

== Winnings up to this point: $0 ==

The first playable hand we get comes quick with a KJ offsuit on the big blind. It’s limped to us and we raise 3bb without using any of our power up options. Our powerup hand at this point is Scanner, Clone and Reload.

The button instantly X-Rays my hand and the SB’s hand, and ends up calling – the SB, whose x-ray revealed a 4 of clubs opts to fold. Since my opponent decided to flat instead of raising we go straight to the flop without me getting an opportunity to play any powerup cards back at him.

Spoiler: Utilizing flatting versus raising in spots where you use a powerup card in position will end up being more important than I realized from the get-go.

Anyway – nothing exciting happens on this hand. I hit a Jack high flop and my opponent gives up because he knows I hold a jack.

Game 1 ends soon after, when I get all in on a 5-5-Q flop against the same opponent 4 hands later with A5 versus AQ. They had EMP’d the board & shoved. I called with trips and lost to a rivered Queen which made them a nut full house. Standard bad beat and moving on.

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