Arlie Streams Power Up for the 1st time

This weeks saw a big moment for, our Brand Ambassador Arlie Shaban played some Power Up on stream for the first time.

Rather than going away and getting to grips with the game away from the public eye, Arlie has come to the game with limited exposure to Power Up. He spent his first stream developing his knowledge of the game, and I’m hoping we’ll be able to sit down soon and discuss his first thoughts.

It didn’t take him long to get into the strategy of the game, and while I may not see eye to eye with him on some of his initial thoughts, I’m more than aware of the time it takes to get beyond the surface level of this game. Arlie seems to be over valuing some powers that don’t have the value they appear to, such as the disintegrate card. While I’m less of a hater on Disintegrate than others out there, it’s not as strong as Arlie seems to think it is.

What I was really impressed with, was Arlie’s mindset. He was looking to cycle his power cards and was looking to use them to put pressure on his opponents. He was also still talking to his audience as he was playing, going through his thoughts and explaining his plays to his audience.

Arlie has been on a tear at the poker tables, and that seemed to continue for his voyage upon the Power up seas, as he won four games in a row during his session at the $3 games. If it wasn’t for a 2-outer river card, he would have probably won a fifth as well!

While I don’t think this success is going to be sustainable, it was a nice thing to see. Arlie was genuinely invested in the game, even after only playing 6 games on stream. You can see how much his streak meant to him at the end of the video shown above, especially when the river card hit.

I’m planning to sit down with him on Skype (other VOIP products are available) early next week to go through his first thoughts of Power Up, and I plan to edit that into an interesting video for you guys to watch.

If this article has whetted your appetite for watching Arlie play either Power Up, or Poker, his Twitch channel is here. I have found it a fun, open community, but I don’t think I’m unbiased on that! Warning, Arlie’s stream is not always safe for work, as he really does care about his poker!

We’ll be developing new training content with Arlie over the coming weeks and have a series of training videos we feel will give you the tools to play the game in a way to get the most out of it.


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