Category: Powerup Cards Strategy

Is Discretion the Better part of Valour?

  • by Rob King
  • 6 Years ago
If you believe the classic saying, discretion is the better part of valour, it seems to be true for power up as well. I’ve been looking at the dynamics in Power Up during the past few days and controlling actions other players can make has become a focus in my play. Rather than just worrying […]

Power Up Starting Hands

  • by Rob King
  • 6 Years ago
In poker strategy, starting hands are the first step in developing a playing style. In power up, we have 2 sets of cards to look at, our hole cards and our power cards. The range of starting cards we should be willing to play is dynamic, and very situational. When I’m playing poker, whether it […]

Protecting Your Hand

  • by Rob King
  • 6 Years ago
In poker, there is a lot of strategy surrounding protecting your hand. In Power Up, players are still trying to develop strategies to do this. Protecting your hand can be a very powerful way to win more games, and in the article, I’ll have a look at how we can use power cards to do […]

When to burn and when to save PowerUps

  • by cmuray
  • 7 Years ago
It’s easy to get excited about the fact that – whether someone has Engineered, or you’ve used Intel or Scanner – you know for a fact that in position you could turn you J-6 offsuit into a pair of sixes. Does that mean you should always burn a Reload or Upgrade and go for it? […]