PowerUp Sabotage

No big rants for this. Here we’ll just take a look at some of the most fun ways to screw over your opponents when they use their PowerUp cards. Some of these might not be exactly GTO – so you decide whether or not you’ll add them to your arsenal once PowerUp is back online:


Screwed up Scanner:


Your opponent uses a Scanner and keeps both cards. Not today buddy – Reload both your cards and steal the two cards they’ve seen. Then either Reload again or Upgrade to throw them out if they aren’t good/ to make sure your opponent doesn’t know your hole card. Gives you a read on their hand while hurting their outs and best of all – frustrating them endlessly.


Make them Mill:


Give your opponent every idea of your aggression regardless of your intention to play a pot all-in. Scare them into burning up their Reloads and Upgrade then just fold. Cool – they’ve won a pot. Now just jam it a bunch and pester them with in-game messages. They lost their “big” hand, so they might rip it in with trash or just fold out until they get a good PowerUp again – Note: this is NOT a GTO strategy but just very fun.


Intel Breaker:


Your opponent uses intel then makes a raise. Cool, bro. Use Upgrade, Reload or Engineer to render the first card the saw null then just rip it all in to ensure Intel can’t help them again past the flop. They know you know what they saw, and you know that THEY know that afterwards you took it and decided to ship all the beans into the middle. Whether that card helped you or not – irrelevant.


Its a fun high variance play that succeeds in giving your opponent way less information than they wanted. In a game predicated on upping hand value and gaining info – you’ll see a lot of folds.


The Random Disintegrate:


Made it to the flop and facing a c-bet. Well you’ve lost your last 4 PowerUp games so its time to take the bull by the horns. Making top pair is hard, and you’ve failed to make even bottom pair – Disintegrate the middle card and float or raise. Its a YOLO move and on the chance that your opponent had second pair it would really blow his mind. The only thing more extreme is disintegrating YOUR OWN pair THEN moving all in – Editor’s Note: Do not expect to win with this strategy.

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