New Power Up Games Available

As we have been expecting for some time, the game offerings for Power Up have been expanded. We have been waiting for the higher-level games to appear on the PokerStars client as there has been a big desire in the Power up community for them. What I am a little surprised to see are the addition of a lower tier of games.

Today’s change sees the launch of $15 games in the client, along with the micro level $0.25 games as well. As we have been expecting the launch of new games for a while, this isn’t a big surprise. The same format of staggering the release of game levels was used in Spin & Gos to great effect. It allowed players to explore the game at a capped level, and for PokerStars to refine the game format. This no seems to be PokerStars standard operating procedure for releasing new games.

The games have a prize pool of $0.69 for the $0.25 games, and $42.30 for the $15 games. The means the rake for the smaller games is 8% and the $15 games have a rake of 6%. With the other games running from a rake of 7.2% to 8%, this seems in line with the rest of the games.

It’s good to see the game options expanding for Power Up, and fantastic to see a lower buy in format available to encourage people to try out the game. With the addition of the new $15 games, the regulars are going to have another level to battle it out in, one that may offer some of them a route to a higher level of profitability.

This is likely the first in a long-awaited expansion of the Power up offerings, one that should see the games offered expand to something similar to what is available for Spin & Gos. If the community grows to match the one for that game type, Power Up is going to be a massive success.

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