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Power Up Community Building

  • by Rob King
  • 18 Days ago
Power Up is a new game, and the community is still growing. Part of building a community is getting its members to communicate with each other. With Power Up, there are some limitations on getting players talking to each other, because we don’t have a chat-box at the tables. The reasons for not having a […]

Free Taster for Power Up!

  • by Rob King
  • 20 Days ago
Want to introduce someone to Power Up for Free, or ever fancied trying Power Up but didn’t want to part with the cash? Good News, PokerStars are offering new UK signups to the site a chance to play Power Up for free, and you get to keep your winnings! Those who play Hearthstone, Gwent and […]

Aggression, Good or Bad?

  • by Rob King
  • 21 Days ago
Today’s hand from Arlie Shaban’s Power Up streams is all about aggression and the lack of it. Passive play has been looked down on in No Limit Hold’em for years, and for good reason. In most situations, it significantly reduces your chances of winning. With Power Up being a new format, it’s understandable that some […]

Power Up on Twitch?

  • by Rob King
  • 1 Month ago
With our own Arlie Shaban streaming Power Up on Twitch this week, I thought I’d have a look at the Twitch landscape and peek into my crystal ball to guess at the future. Power Up is currently still a very small fish in the Twitch ocean, with games like Counter Strike, Hearthstone, Dota 2 and […]

Arlie Streams Power Up for the 1st time

  • by Rob King
  • 2 Months ago
This weeks saw a big moment for, our Brand Ambassador Arlie Shaban played some Power Up on stream for the first time. Rather than going away and getting to grips with the game away from the public eye, Arlie has come to the game with limited exposure to Power Up. He spent his first […]

Power Up Starting Hands

  • by Rob King
  • 2 Months ago
In poker strategy, starting hands are the first step in developing a playing style. In power up, we have 2 sets of cards to look at, our hole cards and our power cards. The range of starting cards we should be willing to play is dynamic, and very situational. When I’m playing poker, whether it […]

Protecting Your Hand

  • by Rob King
  • 2 Months ago
In poker, there is a lot of strategy surrounding protecting your hand. In Power Up, players are still trying to develop strategies to do this. Protecting your hand can be a very powerful way to win more games, and in the article, I’ll have a look at how we can use power cards to do […]

Building a Power Up Toolkit

  • by Rob King
  • 2 Months ago
20 games in, and I think I’m starting to see the light. Towards the end of my session to get that “magic” number of games under my belt, I was starting to read my opponents. Ok, “read” may be taking it a little far, but I made some calls, some folds and I even used […]

Problems with Game Length?

  • by Rob King
  • 2 Months ago
It’s the 2nd day of 2018, and I opened my PokerStars Client and stare blurry-eyed at the Power Up lobby. I have the problem that nearly everyone experiences when they go back to work after the Holiday Season. My brain is still in holiday mode. The good news, apart from some emails, catching up on […]

Our Editor in Chief decides to “Get Gud!”

  • by Rob King
  • 3 Months ago
Now that I’ve had a chance to play Power Up, and gave my opinions on the current state of the game in the last video, it’s time for me to get gud! I’ve taken poker seriously in the past, and have put some fairly sizeable chunks of cash into my accounts over the years from […]
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