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404: PowerUp not found! Game seems to have gone AWOL from PokerStars

Well, we were (cautiously) excited about PowerUp’s real money launch yesterday but it looks like we may have pipped up a bit too soon. As of 2 PM CET today there is no PowerUp play option at all on Stars’ .EU, .com or .uk sites, and banners advertising the game in-client also seem to have disappeared.

In all likelihood, this might just mean some small rollout hiccups so no need to get nervous yet if you (like us) were planning on bingeing some day 1 PowerUp to get an advantage on the strategy curve as new players piled into the lobby.

The PokerStars servers finished their weekly restart today as well, something that could have influenced the game’s timely launch/

We’ll keep monitoring the situation and tweet/facebook out any new updates as they may come in so you can be in the know. Until then I guess check out our (decent?) content on the game and continue doing some light studying to ensure you kill the rake and set yourself up with that sweet PowerUp hourly when the time comes.

Fingers crossed that some bigger updates missing from the original real money release announcement might squeeze their way in during this delay too.


Yes – we are aware that PokerStars tweeted out about the game delay in this morning, but its midday, after the scheduled server restart and nothing still 🙁

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