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PowerUp Launch delay update: Back up early next week

The latest on PowerUp’s real money launch is reassuring. Turns out, according to PokerStars’ official Discord channel, the game experienced some bugs on launch which disrupted user’s navigation experience on Stars’ mobile client (some desktop clients were affected as well).

The mobile client lobby only showed PowerUp game options when using search and filtering options at the exclusion of any other conventional poker offering.

Some call this a problem but from our perspective its almost an issue of the game working TOO well.

Jokes aside, players were assured that everything is being fixed promptly and more importantly that no games running at the time of take-down were affected in any way. Let’s hope they repair things soon and we’ll be back early next week with our first experiences shooting cold hard cash dead into the center of the Neutrino Universe.

Feel free to read through the full statement made by PokerStars’ Lee Jones below:

In plain text:

“Earlier today we were alerted to a bug which, in some situations, caused our mobile lobby to show no games other than PokerStars Power Up when using the search and filter functions. All other games were directly accessible at all times.

As a result, we have removed PowerUp from our desktop and mobile platforms in order to ensure players continue to have a high quality experience. It is important to note that the Power Up real money experience was not impacted and performed as we had expected.

PokerStars takes player enjoyment very seriously and, particularly during launches of this scale, we take steps to minimise disruption of the overall player experience. We anticipate bugs of this kind at beta stage, which is why we commonly execute staggered product and service launches, as we have been doing here.

We apologise to our players, who we know were excited to play Power Up, and reassure them that this had no effect on games that were live at the time, or funds in circulation. An email will shortly be sent to every player affected. We are currently working on a fix and expect Power Up to be back up and running early next week.” – Lee Jones.

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